Taking over a business: advantages and disadvantages

Taking over a company is not easy. It is a very good opportunity on the one hand and obstacles on the other. Therefore, before making a decision, it is necessary to properly assess the effects of taking over a company….

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Recruitment: the key steps in choosing between several candidates

All companies know that identifying a good candidate requires several steps. At the end of the recruiting process, the recruiter must make a single choice and sometimes there are still some very good candidates to choose from. How to proceed…

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Ethical products: a real growth market for the years to come

Ethical products appeal to consumers because they meet social and environmental criteria related to sustainable development and ecology. On the industrial side, companies are forced to ensure decent production conditions that respect the environment and the workers and producers. Ethical…

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The connected objects sector: a sector experiencing constant growth

Connected objects are becoming more and more essential in both private and professional environments. Homes are taking advantage of electronic gadgets to gain more comfort. Companies are using these tools to increase their productivity. This is why connected objects are…

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Data Marketing: at the core of current and future business trends

At the heart of a company, the data application is one of the main handles of marketing. Gaining more buyers, recruiting more customers, reducing your financing… these are all advantages offered by data. Acquire the experience and refine its customer…

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