Published on : 03 April 20202 min reading time

Ethical products appeal to consumers because they meet social and environmental criteria related to sustainable development and ecology. On the industrial side, companies are forced to ensure decent production conditions that respect the environment and the workers and producers.

Ethical products for better consumption

When we talk about ethical products, we spontaneously think of handicrafts or products of any kind that bear the fair trade logo. In fact, the ethical product range includes a wide variety of products of all categories from all industrial and manufacturing sectors. An ethical product can be a cosmetic that has not been subject to animal testing or a garment that has been manufactured in a factory that respects its workers, does not employ children and whose manufacturing conditions are environmentally friendly. The proliferation of ethical products is directly linked to the desire to “consume better”, to consume more healthily.

A fairy tale that becomes reality

Today, companies are forced to offer ethical products because they meet new consumer expectations. The time of all-out business is over, because the fairy tale of ethical purchasing seems so beautiful. Every time we make a consumer decision and opt for an ethical product, we feel that the world really is a better place. Conversely, it also means that the well-being of the coffee farmers in Costa Rica or the seamstresses in Bangladesh depends on our ethical purchasing decision. By opting for ethical products, no human being is exploited any more, and morality in business looks good.

A marketing asset

The consumer craze for ethical products is growing and represents a very buoyant market for companies. Ethical business is flourishing and many niche markets have not yet found a buyer. Indeed, ethics started in the food, fashion and cosmetics sectors, but it can still expand and the years to come will certainly confirm this trend. Solidarity and profitability rhyme more and more often together. Companies are more and more willing to pay more for an ethical product because they know that it will sell even better on the market. Fair trade T-shirts, fair trade socks and even fair trade roses for Valentine’s Day… Fair trade has many good years ahead of it.