Just like athletes, corporate managers set performance goals and are expected to deliver results. A manager can learn the art of management through managerial coaching to improve his intelligence, develop his career and his ability to lead a company.

What does manager coaching consist of?

Manager coaching has now become a common practice within a company when it needs to reinforce the performance of the manager. The manager is a specialist who plays an important role in a company: he helps the manager and his team to develop their potential. In order to accomplish his missions effectively, he must master many areas such as interpersonal skills, technical expertise and strategic vision. In order to be up to the task and able to take up the challenges of leadership, it is necessary to call on the services of a management coach. Coaching consists in accompanying the manager so that he can increase his experience and enrich himself with resources to better lead his team and achieve objectives. Manager coaching also involves understanding the context and the people in order to act more productively. During the session, the manager coach will teach him to optimize his interpersonal skills.

How does the coaching take place?

The first step is the meeting between the coach and the coachee. This phase will allow the coachee to explain to the coach the objectives he wishes to achieve. The coach will then study if they are feasible and realistic. During this interview, the coaching professional will determine the number of sessions to be done. On average, coaching is composed of 10 to 12 sessions, each of which is done in one or two hours. At each session, the manager must have an objective to reach. All of these goals correspond to the main objective set during the first interview. At the end of each session, the coach will ask the coachee what he has retained. As for the form and content of each session, it varies from one coach to another. It can be a discussion, a role-play or a simulation.

The cost of a manager coaching

The price of a coaching-management session is variable. Some coaches offer their clients monthly packages. In fact, the price depends on the objectives to be reached, the duration of the coaching, the notoriety of the coach and the position held by the coachee. What is important to know is that the cost of a manager coaching is often important, but it always leads to a positive result.