In franchising, as in other areas, it is important to be well prepared before launching your business. Therefore, the following steps must be taken to become a franchisee.

Assess your skills, motivations and financial resources

Before opening a franchise, it is necessary to make a specific assessment of its aptitudes, motivations and budget. This is a demanding job that requires a certain technical and financial capacity. Your personal fund must be equal to one third of the total investment. Depending on your area of interest, your capital should be between 5,000 and 500,000 euros. Thus, determine the value of your assets and your personal contribution. If your resources are low, check with your bank to find out how much credit it can grant you. You should know that becoming a franchisee takes time and energy. This is why it is important to assess your motivation and skills. This type of work sometimes involves moving away from where you live. Thus, you may be forced to organize yourself to ensure a better combination of family life and work. Finally, being a franchisee means running a business. You must have the skills to ensure the continuity of your activities.

Choosing a franchisor

Given your skills and financial means, are you sure about your project? You need to inform yourself about the concept you wish to develop. This will allow you to know the operating mode that suits you best. Do you need a lead to compare the available proposals? You can consult the franchise directory. Professionals working in your preferred field can also help you. You can ask them questions if you need to. BtoB shows are other solutions that allow you to meet directly with experienced network facilitators. To create a franchise, ask two criteria of choice: the quality of the franchisor's network and its network and the capital required. Who says evaluation of the quality of the network, says market research. Thus, you must conduct an investigation to find out the constraints, the stakes, and the level of profitability of your project. These criteria are important as they form the basis of your business plan. On this subject, once the franchisor has been found, you must set up an action plan to make the maximum profit, then set up the business.

Setting up the business

If you have been successful in finding a franchise network, you can congratulate yourself for completing 50% of your work. Now it's time to build your business. You need to look for its location. This step allows you to choose your collaborators and partners carefully. To do so, take into account a few things, including the visibility of the business, the neighbourhood's traffic, the accessibility of the business, and the number of competitors. Find out about the code of ethics that governs franchises in Europe. Finally, sign your contract while paying attention to its content, especially the mandatory information.